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NATURE AT ITS BEST – run with heart and charm

In the midst of nature

About 40 miles southwest of Cologne in the midst of the national park Eifel, near to where the rivers Urft and Olef meat, is the “Kurparkhotel Gemünd” located. There are about 43 square miles of pure nature right at our front door - equivalent to the size of 17,000 football pitches. You can start exploring the forests by foot right at our hotel. Wild cats, black storks and about 1000 other endangered species of flora and fauna can already be found in the large-scale protected area. Furthermore, you can have a unique view on the Rursee, Obersee and Urftsee dams.

EN ROUTE – by foot or bike


The „Kurparkhotel Gemünd“ invites you to roam in the wild nature of the national park Eifel and walk or cycle through romantic river valleys and beautiful beech forests on the premium hiking trails „Wildnis-Trail“, „Eifelsteig“ or „Rur-Olef Route“ without the need to renounce comfort and service of a hotel. We offer individual service, for example a footbath to make your tired feet fit again, after a long hike.

NATIONAL PARK – right next to our hotel

Experience nature

Just a few hundred miles away from our hotel is the gate to the national park Eifel. There you will find various useful information on all possibilities the national park offers. There is – for example – the possibility to join a park ranger and explore the park for free nearly every day of the year. Furthermore, we offer to give you a ride in one of our cars to your individual spot, where you want to start your hike and of course we will pick you up afterwards.


Relax in our sauna

Whether you want to have a relaxing holiday or a hiking vacation or if a business trip leads you to us, you will appreciate our special amenities and a friendly and familiar atmosphere in a professionally managed hotel, that is aligned with an ecological point of view.


Organic food and ecologically sustainable

Our breakfast is a very special enoyment. Again we give particular importance to quality and sustainability. You can enjoy organic cereals, fresh fruit salad, a wide selection of organic bread and pastries, organically farmed tea and fair-traded coffee. Have some smoked ham or cured pork provided by our local butcher's shop or scrambled, fried or boiled eggs from the neighbouring poultry farm, that produces only free-range eggs. Our jam is made to a secret recipe by our chef and the honey comes from a local beekeeper. You can be sure, that everything you enjoy at our buffet ist organic and economically sustainable. Even our bread roll bags for your box lunch are biodegredable.We put love in every single piece of detail so you can enjoy with a good conscience.


Is what we demand of ourselves

We are happy to welcome you as a guest at our hotel.